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Are the Walls You Use to Protect Your Church Hostile to God?
By Apostle Steve Anderson


        HERALD:   AN OFFICIAL MESSENGER SENT  BY                                                                                                    
                                 A  SOVEREIGN COMMANDER OF AN ARMY!


"Attention Leaders, God May Hate Your Denomination!Ē

"God Hates Churches Divorcing Churches

& Christians Divorcing Christians"


    This word is a clarion call to the real shepherds of Gods flock & to all who profess to be in Christ. There is a way to heal marriages in the church today! We can stop the onslaught of marriages falling one right after the other. It is commonly known that the divorce rate in the church is the same as in the world. We as a church have not been successful at displaying what marriage is all about, even in a time when there is more information than ever on how to have a good Christian marriage. This has left many Christians living under the condemnation of the devil and the church. If we as shepherds understood how God sees the problem we would understand that the problem is a lack of protection from the shepherds over Gods flock! We have been called by Christ in John 17 to be one! The truth is, as shepherds of Gods flock, most of us have no intention of actually obeying Jesusí call to unity at all. We really donít want to, and we really donít believe itís even possible. We simply think that unity is being with those who agree with us and we have no vision to do anything more than this. It is the divorce that happens between shepherds that has taught the sheep to divorce. When I say divorce between shepherds I mean unscriptural dis-fellowship. This has brought the atmosphere or spirit of divorce over Godís people. We teach them to separate not by our words but by our actions. God calls the shepherds to be among the flock not separate it! There is only one body. If Christ is not divided than who are we? Are we so blind as to think God actually accepts this? Do we really think its ok that pentcostals, presbyterians, methodists and baptists, etcÖeven exist? Which scriptures are good and which are bad? Is the bible really all true or just some of it? It is the shepherds that have lacked unity so principalities and powers easily defeat us. These kinds of spirits are only defeated by the united body of Christ! United we stand, divided weíve already lost. We will either help it stop or continue to pass blame to the people who are suffering at the consequence of this problem!

    Letís establish some biblical premise for this word. We know from scripture that God hates divorce and the only biblical ground for it is adultery. We teach that in a marriage other than for adultery we should stay in the relationship and work it out no matter what because thatís Gods will for us! So right! Why then do we divorce within the body of Christ instead of staying in the relationship and working it out no matter what? We know also from scripture that there is only a few real causes to disfellowship someone (cut off all ties) from church & or relationship. These causes are: unrepented immorality, unrepented willful sin, unrepented unruliness (someone who is not governable) & unrepented false doctrine (heretic). We have every kind of compromise in these areas that we can possibly have.

    Examples: We donít judge unrepented sin and put it outside the church according to scripture so we pollute the holy church of Christ. See 1 Corinthians 5:11-13. One church might obey this scripture while the other church chooses the verse "judge not lest ye be judgedĒ in Matthew 7:1-2. Is Christ divided? Our mind stands in the way of the simplicity of going to God in prayer to see what He has to say! We judge for the Lord without his input. Its witchcraft to try to manage these matters without consulting Him!

    We separate quickly from almost anyone we disagree with. Philippians 3:15b says

"and if in anything ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto youĒ. We apparently donít believe in this scripture so we donít seek God as to how to agree. Instead of protecting the Lords precious unity we take the easy way out and agree to disagree, which by the way is not in the bible.

    Some say we should speak in tongues which are in the bible and some actually say itís of the devil which is not in the bible. Some say you have to speak in tongues or youíre not saved, but some say not all speak with tongues. Which is it? We continue to divide and even hate based on these reasons and many more like them.

    We fail when we do this. We donít see that it is our common enemy that has appealed to our fears and selfishness to divide and conquer us. I hope that you are beginning to see this and that youíre willing to be a part of the solution.

    This is the part of this message that I will write precisely what the Lord has said to me as I prayed to Him about this. (I know it seems arrogant of me to think God would actually answer, so forgive me this while I say what He actually said). The Lord told me that if the so called leaders of His church would repent of their divisiveness and come together, we will see the onslaught against the married people stopped in our flocks that we say we love. Conversely He said that if we refuse the onslaught will continue because of our choice.

    Itís long overdue that the real shepherds be real shepherds and lay down our lives for the sheep. If you are a hireling you will ignore this message and continue on as always and probably not even be bothered by the deplorable condition we are in. But to those of you who say in their heart, God I want to put the flock in safety, I want to encourage you to get involved in the many avenues that are starting up to create a unified church. A no name army that only honors the Lord Jesus Christ! First pray and ask the Lord Himself to get you started in the right direction. If you are still not sure contact us, and we will pray with you. Note, if you contact us you will not be asked to join our so called ministry. We simply want to assist others in finding their place in the body. We want to advance the kingdom.

   If you are in a place of fellowship that does not support Christís call to unity, then pray and try to see it worked out. Donít be the next victim of divorce. Who knows, maybe the so called shepherds will learn from the flock how to live.

   Lastly, I give a warning to the shepherds that will not oversee the flock according to Gods plan. God has winked at this ignorance and you have a false security that all will continue on as before. I tell you the hour is now, that the Lord will require an account of your stewardship. If you do not change, the Lord will shortly deliver His sheep out of your control into the hands of shepherds after His own heart. You can be assured that Jesus the faithful shepherd will take care of His flock foreverÖ


                               Hope to see you all on the front lines,

                               Fellow Elder & Saint,

                               Steve Anderson

                               2 Chronicles 7:14


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The article is thought provoking on how to rely on the the Lord and not other sources. Sometimes after we seemingly win a great battle we are very vulnerable to pride and self sufficiency. We always need the Lord and we never win under our own strength! This message also provokes thoughts on unity and faithfulness.

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